Austin Wright for Mayor 2010 - - I'm Ready!

About Me

I’m a 42-year-old father of two girls, married to Cathy - a recent breast cancer survivor. I was born on the family farm in Chatham Township, and have lived in Chatham, Kent Bridge, Thamesville, Erie Beach, Mississauga and Cambridge. As one of the many youth who left Chatham to pursue a career, I later returned to start a successful business.

Last time I ran for mayor in 2003, I placed second, and more of my platform was implemented than the current mayor's, who did not bring a single successful motion during his entire term to fulfill promises.

My management experience spans 23 years, including 20 years as small business owner (Wright Photo Ltd.) specializing in photography, photofinishing, web design, & software programming. I know what it takes to achieve big results on a limited budget!

For 17 years I served as a professional organist and choir director. I teach digital photography at St. Clair College. I'm a Certified Broadcast Technologist, member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and Certified Emergency Coordinator.

Public service includes volunteering for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, MS Society, Canadian Cancer Society, Olympic Torch Run, Chatham-Kent Health Unit, and playing piano for Wallaceburg Rotary.

Emergency Management Ontario and the OPP Amber Alert program have counted on my leadership efforts. I'm also a trained CanWarn storm spotter for Environment Canada, and hold a Private Pilot licence.

I offer the people of Chatham-Kent a unique blend of management and personal experience that I'm ready to put to work for you as our new mayor.

Message from Austin

Thank you for taking an interest in this election. Most of my platform is posted online with full details at . This brochure offers a summary of my vision for Chatham-Kent.

My Plan for Prosperity is a 33-page document that outlines a specific strategy to accelerate economic growth, and some ideas are being implemented by the municipality. I'm already at work!

I intend to introduce tough new ethics rules to stomp out the mischief at City Hall, flush out backdoor influences, and return accountability. This includes creating volunteer positions of Integrity Commissioner, Auditor General, Municipal Ombudsman, and Lobbyist Registrar, who can go places council cannot (such as compelling testimony under oath and accessing documents).

A new Standard for Customer Service will be introduced, including improved accessibility to those with disabilities, and the Council Code of Conduct will be revised.

The most important resource in our communities is being overlooked – our people. My platform offers ways to restore the decision-making process to the people so that our solutions come from ourselves instead of costly consultants with no stake in the outcome.

Above all, I have identified ways to achieve bigger results for less tax money, and I’ll insist that any new spending be analyzed for a beneficial Return On Investment.

Together with your support, we will restore integrity to our municipal government, and pursue positive new ideas so that the families and businesses of Chatham-Kent can prosper.

On October 25th, I ask you to vote Austin Wright for mayor. I’m ready.

Where to Vote

Election Day is October 25, 2010 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. If you did not get a voters' card, please call the municipality at 519-360-1998 .

Platform Highlights

I intend to offer strong consensus-based leadership, mindful of the mayor and council's obligations under the Municipal Act to ensure administration implements the will of council with accountability.

My Plan for Prosperity lays a framework for action today, so that as mayor I can hit the ground running. It provides strategies to Attract and Retain Businesses , promote new Tourism initiatives, Diversify our economy, identify Emerging New Sectors , and support Entrepreneurs .

We've spent money on nice projects. Now it's time to re-evaluate our direction and promote what we already have instead of inventing grandiose spending schemes.

Expenses will be controlled by reducing the use of consultants, migrating to free software, capping Sunshine Club salaries, reviewing levels of service, analyzing each department, and examining the base budget. The Auditor General will also find savings.

Families cannot afford escalating taxes. I get it! In addition to responsible cost-cutting measures, my plans address the need to increase our tax base, so that more people pay less.

I propose to open up the lines of communication using a network of volunteer delegates to council, nominated and elected at townhall meetings to liaise with mayor and council, and put some decision-making back at the local level.

As an Emergency Coordinator, I'll oversee a review of our emergency services, including an OPP costing that will serve as a benchmark towards making our own Police Services more efficient while retaining local control.

I will form a committee of educational experts to pursue the attraction of a University Campus and expanded post-secondary programs in Chatham-Kent, including academic and medical curriculum.


Austin Wright
40 Tasan Crescent
Chatham ON N7L 4V1
Phone: 519-351-0832